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With a wide range of services that suit your needs, our team has the expertise to eliminate any pest, mold, moisture, as well as many environmental allergens from your home.


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Home Protection Plan

Pest-free living with Gladhill Services


pest protection specific to each season of the year 

When you get Home Protection with Gladhill Services your treatments will change throughout the year addressing seasonal activity with pests.  We will inspect and treat the outside of your home in the spring, summer, and fall months. During winter, we check in and around your home for any signs of termites in addition to seeking out future entry points for unwanted invaders while we treat the interior of your home or office for overwintering pests. Since no pest is safe from our 100% satisfaction guarantee, if any pest returns at any time during the year we will too!


pest-free living

We know that when pests invade your home it becomes more than an inconvenience. Some pests like mice, cockroaches, and bed bugs may pose health risks to your family and pets. Some pests, like termites, can cause serious damage to your home and that's why we help eliminate infestations, monitor issues, and install preventive measures.


Nuisance Pest Problems

There's nothing rountine about some pests

Due to health risks, infestation size, structural damage, and other circumstances some pests must be evaluated before a treatment plan can be suggested. Gladhill Services provides effective solutions with little disruption to your life for many nuisance pest problems listed below.

termite colony gladhill services


Professionals must be familiar with the construction of buildings to successfully determine where termites may enter and damage the structure. They also need to be trained to use large drills and injector rods for the control of termites. Products are injected into the ground alongside the foundation and beneath concrete slabs.

bed bugs

Sometimes the presence of one or two bed bugs establishing themselves can be caught early enough as not to disrupt too much of a persons life. More often, infestations create a major inconvenience in the lives of many families today.

get rid of bed bugs gladhill services



Fleas bite animals and humans for blood. Flea bites typicaly appear as small red bumps that are itchy and uncomfortable. Fleas can transmit bacteria and viruses so, if you're bitten you should clean the bite with warm water and soap to reduce the risk of infection. If you feel a flea bite is serious, seek the advie of a medical professional as soon as possible.

pigeons, starlings and sparrows

Nusiance bird species like pigeons, sparrows, and starlings can present a risk for disease when large populations roost together. Histoplasmosis, along with ectoparasites are directly associated with these types of birds. Gladhill Services provides effective services that reduce the risks associated with these birds. Whether its for your home or commercial building, our bird control is certain to meet your needs. We inspect to find the species of bird, define the problem, then, develop the best solution that fits your budget.


bat removal gladhill services

Bat Removal

Gladhill Services offers protective bat removal and professional exclusion work to safely eliminate bats from your home. If you have concerns or suspect bats give us a call and get an inspection. We can quickly determine if you have a solitary bat or a colony of bats in your home. Once determined, our representative will give you all the details on how we can help you eliminate bats safely with one of our affordable options. Bats are protected by law.

Mold & Moisture Solutions

Moisture in the home creates undesirable conditions causing damage that's costly to repair. Crawl Space Encapsulation, Vapor Barriers, along with the installation of a Humidex system (or Drytrak) from Gladhill Services helps prevent and control moisture and humidity levels in the crawl space and basement of your home. 


crawlspace encapsulation

A reinforced liner is installed by our team to cover the entire ground, foundation walls, and support piers of your crawl space to limit moisture levels coming up from the ground. If you combine our encapsulation service with the installation of a Humidex system (backed by a warranty) we can also begin controlling the humidity levels in your home as this system begins pulling air down for adequate circulation. With a Humidex installed, you can forget about ever emptying your dehumidifier again!

vapor barriers

Like encapsulation, a vapor barrier installed in your crawlspace is a liner that prevents the transfer of moisture from the ground up into the home or structure. While encapsulation covers the ground, foundation walls and support piers, a vapor barrier only covers the ground. Vapor barriers work well in areas where moisture is a minor issue only. When a vapor barrier is combined with a Humidex system, again, we can now control not only moisture but, the humidity level within the structure as well. 

insulation-replacement-gladhill services

insulation replacement

The purpose of insulation in an attic, basement or crawlspace is to help maintain your desired temperature within the home while using the least amount of energy possible. Our insulation replacement service helps lower your annual heating and cooling costs. We can install over existing insulation or replace the old insulation with new. Replacement is always recommended during mold remediation due to spores getting behind the existing insulation. 

humidex system

The Humidex reduces condensation by detecting when an AC system is present, then helps improve its efficiency. Once installed, the Humidex is effortless to maintain and you'll never have to empty your dehumidifier again. The Humidex silently blows dust, moisture and other allergens in the air directly out of your home through its own vent improving air quality. 

Humidex-installation-gladhill services

drytrak system

Compatible with all wall and foundation types, DryTrak is designed to remove water from floor and wall joints, directing its flow to a sump pump or drain. DryTrak is an effective tool that not only redirects water but, prevents it from becoming a problem to begin with. And, unlike french drains, DryTrak will never clog, destroy your landscape or, require drilling of any kind for installation.