Affordable mold removal with a warranty

According to the World Health Organization, occupants of single family homes and public buildings harboring mold or moisture issues are at increased risks for developing respiratory symptoms, infections and exacerbation of asthma. Further evidence indicates that specific microbials directly related to moisture may increase the risks of rare health conditions. Layers of dust and filth provide nutrients for microbial growth in the HVAC system of a dwelling. Persistent moisture along with microbial growth should be avoided by remediating the issues to reduce the chance for any adverse health effects.


Is mold dangerous?

Mold grows in dark areas of the home, hidden from sight and difficult to find. A simple air quality sample by Gladhill Services will determine if mold is present at toxic levels. When mold is present in harmful amounts it should be eliminated by professionals like us. Do not be tempted to clean areas of mold on your own with household cleaners or disinfectants. While minor areas of mold found on non-porous surfaces may be cleaned effectively, call 717-597-1040 so we can help you with remediation options backed by our warranty for basements, kitchens, crawl spaces, offices, commercial buildings and homes.

Mold spreads quickly

Mold spreads by releasing microscopic particles into the air. Particulates find their way into dark, moist areas. As particles fill the air space you breathe, mold spores get into your HVAC units and air ducts where they continue spreading throughout your home or business. Once inside and established, mold continues to grow filling the air space until it surfaces on paper, wood,cardboard, and worse, your walls. Drywall, finished block, and furniture made of wood are all areas mold can grow. Mold may not be seen on the interior side of drywall but, may be agressively growing on the backside hidden in the wall void.

hazards of mold

When your home becomes damaged by water and moisture, mold can quickly grow and begin spreading within 48 to 72 hours. You should hire a professional company like Gladhill Services that is highly experienced to eliminate the mold for you. Most companies remove mold specifically on surfaces with visible spores but, mold is considerably more damaging. Spores from the mold quickly get into your air ducts where they will continue spreading throughout the home. If you suspect that your home (or business) has mold we can inspect for free to properly assess the mold and determine the best solution for you.


Some mold remediation companies advertise a guarantee to remove all mold. This is insane because removing all mold is almost impossible due to mold's microscopic particles. Before hiring anyone to remove mold read the following first:

  • Mold is present everywhere in our environment.
  • Mold spores are microscopic entering through any opening - they can come in on you or a pet or shoes.
  • Mold thrives in moisture.
  • Mold spores quickly grow producing allergens and other toxins so, ducts must be cleaned also.
  • Water and moisture issues must be addressed before the mold removal process begins.
  • Indoor humidity can even support the growth of mold thus installation of a Humidex system may be needed.

We strive to eliminate mold for you as safely and as quickly as possible. We understand just how inconvenient this process can be at times, we follow a 5-step plan when it comes to removing mold.

1. Mold Inspection
We inspectyour attic, crawlspace, roof, and HVAC system for signs of discoloration and moisture levels.
2. Mold Analysis
We will determine the levels of moisture in specific areas and its relation to the presence of mold.
3. Mold Sampling
Samples may be collected from surfaces to determine different mold types.
4. Air Sampling
This is necessary when mold or allergens are suspected and not visible.
5. Mold Remediation
We will remove the mold.

Our team is backed by years of excellence, effective solutions, honesty and guaranteed results.
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