We offer free inspections for termites at your convenience.


Getting rid of termites.

Getting rid of termites requires special training and equipment such as masonry drills, large tanks, and treatment rods.. In addition to having the knowledge and equipment, you must be familiar with the construction of buildings to successfully determine where termites may enter.  The average termite treatment will easily take 1-2 hundred gallons of a liquid termiticide. Products are injected into the ground alongside the foundation and beneath any concrete slabs. Many retailes products marketed to homeowners will rarely eliminate a termite problem.

Signs you may have termites.

Termites are voracious insects with little to no concern for the damage they cause to homes and other structures. The most obvious sign of termites in a building are clear wings typically found scattered about a window or door. Termites colonize structures by flying to nearby locations, and once they've landed, they shed their wings and begin the reproductive cycle again. Another sign of termites are their shelter tubes or mud tunnels. Approximately the size of a pencil, termite shleter tubes can be seen going in and out of exterior. Since termites need moisture they build these tubes to provide themselves with protection and moisture. Other signs of termites can be damaged wood, sagging floors or slightly falling ceilings. 

Get a termite inspection.

If you suspect evidence of termites, give us a call or contact us and we'll come to inspect your home. Gladhill Services performs a thorough inspection of your home by checking your basement and crawlspace for moisture, your foundation for shelter tubes and wood debris along with inspecting other areas that may be attractive to termites. When we have completed the inspection we'll provide you with any problems we have identified. If termites are discovered during the inspection our termite inspector will provide you with details outlining the many payment options and treament plans available.


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