Are Spiders Dangerous To Dogs?

With over four thousand species of spiders crawling around and spinning their webs in the United States, only a handful should be of concern to homeowners. But, if you own a pet, it’s not just your own worry or safety.



When you know which spiders are potentially harmful it helps keep you, the kids, and your pets safe within a healthy home environment.

Common Spider Types

Many spiders simply wander inside your home to stay dry and out of site. Some spiders may end up being born inside if conditions allow. Don't panic though because a spider crawling across the floor most likely won’t harm you or your pets.Read more and learn about the most common spiders you'll find inside your home occasionally and the few you should have concerns over.

The Common House Spider

Brownish to gray spiders that make funnel webs, and favor undisturbed areas in attics, basements, and garages. Common house spiders are found throughout the country with color, size, and webbing ranging from one region to the next.

Jumping Spiders

These small spiders are known for their ability to jump. These spiders can be black to gray with bright markings of white typically. Jumping spiders are most active during the day. They live and thrive outside on foliage, fences and decks. No need to worry too much about them. Watching them can be entertaining at times as they dance and jump around.

Yellow Sac Spiders

Beige or yellowish, these spiders run along baseboards and behind pictures most commonly. They’re most active at night and typically feed on other insects. They are able to bite, but bites are not harmful typically resulting in a small, hardened red area.

Wolf Spiders

Unless threatened or provoked, Wolf spiders will not bite and commonly enter homes under doors while seeking shelter or chasing prey. Llike most spiders, they are venemous, but their venom is generally not a threat to humans. Physicians typically describe bites from wolf spiders as large red and swollen areas. Sometimes fang marks may be seen as two tiny red dots next to each other in the center of the redness.

Spiders of Concern

Black Widow

Black widows are known for their shiny black bodies and red hourglass marking. The bite of a black widow makes it one of the most revered spiders in the U.S. These spiders are commonly found in garages and well... near or under almost anything black and left undisturbed. This is not to dismiss other objects of a different color. Black widows can be found under debris piles, firewood, inside or behind stored boxes even. Always be careful when you find one. Its best to call a professional in this case.

Brown Recluse

If you live in Maryland, Pennsylvania or West Virginia do not be too concerned over the brown recluse spider because they are found throughout the mid-west and southern regions of the United States. Brown recluse spiders are venomous though, and can be harmful to you and your pets.

Nicknamed “fiddleback,” brown recluse spiders are brown and easily noticable by the violin-shape on their backs. Keep in mind that several spider types have this same marking and are not harmful to people or pets. Brown recluse spiders are no larger than a quarter.

Need Help Controlling Spiders?

If you’re in need of help controlling spiders here are a few steps to help prevent them from entering your home:

  1. Trim trees and shrubs away from house.
  2. Seal cracks and holes around your home.
  3. Secure loose screens to attic and foundation vents.
  4. Seal any holes around pipes or vents around exterior of home.

If you would like more help controlling spiders, contact Gladhill Services or call 717-597-1040