Don't Allow These Four Bugs Inside Your Home Before Summer

Live pest-free this summer by learning how to prevent these four insects from entering into your world.



1. Flies

When it comes to nuisance pests, flies get inside homes during spring, summer, and fall. Flies are frequently found by professional in attics where they gather in large swarms. For some homeowners, flies may become a horrible part of reality when living near farms and other rural areas making their control an ongoing routine. Flies make their way inside through cracks in your doors, windows, and eaves as they try avoiding cooler temperatures.

While flies do not cause any real damage to houses, they can be very annoying and unsightly as the dead pile up on floors near windows. Flies can also spread harmful bacteria throughout your home. The best way to prevent flies from getting inside your home is to seal up cracks in the exterior of your house. Installing and repairing damaged screens will also help keep flies outside this year. 

2. Boxelder Bugs

Found near boxelder trees mostly, boxelder bugs gather in large numbers to stay warm. They are a darkish-grey to black with distinctive red lines on their back. Like flies, they enter houses in the fall seeking warmth. During spring, boxelder bugs become active again becoming a major annoyance as they gather in sunlight mostly on the south and west facing walls.

Boxelder bugs do not pose any threat to your home. They do not bite or sting but, can stain curtains and other fabrics. To prevent boxelder bugs from entering your home, seal up any cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home. Pay special attention to the south and west sides of your house, where sunlight persists longer during late summer and fall.

3. Lady Bugs

As the days warm lady bugs will become more active just like the boxelders do. There's nothing unusual about seeing them flying around inside your house, climbing up near windows or just sitting on a piece of furniture. Lady bugs will not damage your house or furniture, they will not harm you in any way, but some species are known to emit an odor when threatened or crushed.

Again, sealing up any tiny cracks and crevices around your home with caulking can close off the entry points of these insects. You can also sweep or vacuum lady bugs when you find them wandering around inside on curtains or furniture.

4. Stink Bug

Stink bugs feed on plants such as veggitables, fruit trees and several species of weeds. They are well-known in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Vrginia for their foul-smelling odor emitted when threatened or crushed. Warning: crushing a stink bug will only cause more to come. 

Stink bugs enter your home during fall passing through gaps in doors and windows and exit the house in spring making their way back outside. Stink bugs become more active as outside temperatures warm up. By using caulk again to seal openings and by replacing damaged screens will help prevent these critters from making their way inside. 

These four bugs will be looking to get inside your home this spring so, follow the professional advice above to help keep them all out before summer and prevent their return this fall.

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