Getting Bitten Or Sprung?

We hear it all the time. "I'm getting bit by something." "I have fleas!" "I got bed bugs." "My legs are getting bit up." More often than not there are no fleas or bed bugs biting at your legs. In fact, you might not be getting bit at all. Meet the Springtail... 



Springtails are tiny little critters minding their own business but will invade areas of your home or office. Chances are if you go outside to smoke, walk, or just sit near a window you have encountered these itty, bitty boogers. Since there are numerous species of springtails in our region let's just stick to springtails for now.  Springtails love moisture therefore they typically live in environments where leaf litter and soil are slightly damp. Springtails enjoy eating fungus and such. Springtails get their name from the shape of their abdomen and what they can do with it. Like a diving board, springtails can launch themselves into the air a few centimeters on each bound. 

When most people find springtails in their home they mistakenly believe they are fleas or some other insect that bites. Not the case at all! So you can feel safe now knowing springtails do not bite or dig themselves under your skin. In fact, they aren't really known for causing skin irritations. 

Preventing Springtails

Since they love moist conditions and they can be found in all parts of the world, even at the highest elevations, springtails are the largest population of tiny insects making them difficult to control or prevent. Seek out damp areas in and around your home. Eliminating moisture is the most important step towards preventing them. Pesticide in the formulation of dust and liquid will probably be needed in the smallest of cracks and crevices. Springtails breathe through their cuticle making them very sensitive to water. With this in mind they will avoid wet applications of pesticide you buy retail. Sure, you'll kill on contact but most of their population will quickly jump away from your efforts all to return upon drying. 

You will most likely find springtail populations in your basement, kitchen or bathroom. Newly constructed homes and structures typically have springtail infestations due to damp or wet construction material. Population control should be left to the professionals but, you can always give it a shot DIY. 

Can't get rid of your springtails?

If you've tried eliminating springtails without success give us a call and we can help. These tiny critters can be found in all parts of the world and can be very difficult to get under control sometimes. It's ok to throw in that proverbial towel and get help. 1-717-597-1040. Ask for Holly, Breanna or Cynthia and they will gladly help.