Christmas Tree Pests

efore you grab that Christmas tree be sure it's not home to unwanted pests this holiday season.

christmas tree pests

Freshly cut Christmas trees not only liven the holiday spirit, they may be a direct way for insects, mites, and spiders to enter your home. When brought inside, some insects may remain on the inner trunk of the tree never being noticed but, others may come out to venture around your home once they feel warm temperatures inside. Most insects remain on the tree for winter hibernation while some may be attracted to light fixtures and windows. Following a few preventive steps can help ensure you won't introduce them into your home this holiday season.

Mechanical tree shakers
These are very useful in removing insects and nests from trees. If not done when purchasing your Christmas Tree, shake the tree vigorously before setting up inside for the holidays as this will serve the same purpose.

Bird nests, although considered decorative by some people, bird nests may contain mites and lice. Any nests should be removed by hand if not by mechanical or hand shaking.

Natural Aerosol sprays can be sprayed on the Christmas tree.
There are many useful and natural aerosol products you can easily find to spray directly into the tree. With having no residual and being natural, these products quickly repel any insect that may be hiding within your tree. Your tree will be safe to set up inside shortly after you spray them. 

Vacuum cleaners
Vacuums work very well by removing insects that may collect on walls, floors or ceilings. Quickly remove nesting debris, eggs, cocoons and live insects this way. 

A Christmas tree may be home to numerous structural, environmental and landscape pests like adelgids, wooly adelgids, aphids, bark beetles, mites, chiggers, ticks, fleas, praying mantids, scale insects, psocids, and spiders. The odds of finding all the listed pests on your Christmas tree this year is slim but, sometimes one or more may have made a home in it. So follow these holiday hacks to limit any pest problem this holiday season.