Crickets Can Save Your Life


Crickets will save your life and the environment soon!

If you haven't heard by now crickets are the future of food and not just as a snack. Turns out crickets are high in protein and packed full of nutrients. In addition to being a healthy food choice, they are sustainable and environmental-friendly to produce as a food over any other meat manufactured. Crickets are beginning to emerge in our food supply everywhere. You can find cricket meal and flour. You can have fried, dipped or dried crickets as a tasty snack. You can choose from cricket granola or have them as a trail mix with brown sugar and maple. 

After hearing the truth about crickets I decided to try them for myself. All I can say is I welcome them into our future. I tried the simple and plain salted crickets as a snack and honestly... they tasted just like a saltine cracker.