Can Crickets Tell You The Temperature Outside?

It's that time of year again when male crickets call out to all the lady-crickets. At first, we just hear a massive chorus of rapid chirping but, have you ever wondered why the chirping slows down sometimes? It's time to toss out your thermometer and just listen to why.


Sometimes we must only listen and observe all things in nature to gain a greater understanding.

Male crickets rub their wings and legs together creating chirping sounds in an effort to attract females. Both male and female crickets feed on plants (and other insects sometimes). Unlike their closest relatives (grasshoppers & Katydids) crickets have the ability to tell us how cold it is outside. All you have to do is pay attention and count how many times they chirp in a minute. Then, divide that number by 4. Then, add that number to 40 to know the temperature outside. Simple right? It's down right amazing and, if you don't believe it do the math and find out for yourself. 

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