New Year Pest Resolutions

New Years Pest

With 2018 upon us, many are trying to determine a so-called New Year’s resolution to keep. Some of us choose lifestyle or dietary changes while others take a class or try something new to enhance their lives but, Gladhill Services wants you to consider something different this year. When thinking about home repairs and other household duties for this new year why not begin thinking about pest prevention first. Every task performed (or not) can make or break a pest problem inside and around your home. 

There is nothing critters prefer more than crumbs on floors and shelving. No need to worry about ants and other pantry pests this year. Take proper preventative steps by putting a little time aside to clean up the pantry. Wipe the floor and shelves of your pantry this year and, make sure that all containers are properly sealed.

A huge mistake us guys make is by stacking up the firewood right at or near to the house. Carpenter ants, spiders, earwigs, springtails, mites, borer insects, and termites flock to wood piles, where they are then carried right into the house. Start this year right by moving the woodpile away from the house and porch.

If you haven’t done this yet, make a resolution to do it now. As temperatures drop, rodents, in addition to  insects, seek out warmth, and, from the tiniest of places. Seal up any and all cracks and crevices around the foundation while checking to ensure the doors and windows are tightly sealed.

After taking the top three preventive steps, remember to inspect your home for any signs of pest activity monthly. Gladhill Services recommends checking your attic, basement and exterior foundation walls each month. Even if you see just three critters crawling in the same month, contact us right away at 717-597-1040 Both insects and rodents reproduce quickly.