A Haunting Tale

Haunting Truth Pest Control

We hear the dreadful stories of haunted happenings as the witching hour approaches. I have heard talk of mystery and murder in hundreds of homes throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. There is little doubt in my mind that many homes haven't held their share of mystery and fright over time. But, what if there was a logical explanation for those things considered haunted?

I spent countless hours watching Ghost HuntersThe Dead Files and other paranormal reality shows in hope of finding some evidence or proof that would better explain something I experienced in my old house. Today, I wish I did have an honest explanation for what I lived with for five years but I do not. I only have science to help separate fact from the supernatural fiction encompassing my mind. In other words, everything I saw on the shows was open to interpretation. I was skeptical about the recordings, readings and interpretations thereof until confronting something one day as I was climbing through an old 18th century attic. 

The lady spoke of haunting tales. She told me about whispers around her, areas of the house that would drop in temperature, clawing sounds, ghostly visions of a woman late in the evening and much more that sent chills up and down my spine. She also complained of scratching in the walls and a possible creature she saw the shadow of just two days earlier. As I went to the attic I felt a certain unsettled feeling thinking about the strange things she spoke of but, I went up anyway.

The attic smelled of death and there were claw marks on the walls inside. I could hear whispers in the dark. What the hell was I getting involved with, I thought. The sun was setting and the last thing I wanted to do was stay - I wanted out and I wanted out now but suddenly the whispering stopped. I began hearing what sounded like a foot dragging from the dark end of the attic towards me. My heart started racing and just as I was about to leap down from the attic I saw it. Right out of the dark and into my line of sight was the largest raccoon I ever met face to face. Yep... a raccoon and two babies following behind momma. They were just as frightened of me as I was of them. 

During my inspection, I found where they came in the house from - a large opening in the attic just above the wall void that was causing a rapid drop in temperature in the room below. The shadow the woman saw was in fact the mother raccoon bravely traveling in search of food and the claw marks were unmatched for the her babies making comfort in her attic. By the time chatter from the raccoons reached the airspace on the first level of the house it sounded like whispers to my customers ears. Easily misleading anyone not knowing better, the scratching in the walls were dozens of mice taking up a winter haven. And, the smell of death came from two dead crows near her attic entrance. Not easily found in the dark, I walked passed them on my initial entry. What of the ghostly vision of a woman? Well, that... I never could debunk. To this day, all my guys go to perform their regular pest control service in the morning. Our customer still reminds them of her haunting friend. So the next time you hear something go bump in the night relax. It may just be a mouse or small animal making their way inside for the winter or, maybe not. Perhaps mice are scratching inside the voids of your walls but, then again... maybe not. Maybe your house is in fact haunted. Let us know with your comment. In the least, give us a shot as we may be able to debunk your ghost. If we can't then, you're on your own.

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