Why Are Spiders Associated With Halloween?

Steeped in mythology and folklore, bats and rats have frightened people throughout history but, what about spiders? According to pest professionals, the days leading up to Halloween are highly active with spiders, rats and mice. "This is a critical time of year for the so-called creatures of the night, as they try to enter your home in search of a safe and warm winter haven.



Throughout history bats have been associated with supernatural forces and the occult. Improperly culturalized by their ability to navigate in total darkness and hunt at night, bats are extremely beneficial creatures and typically misunderstood. Removal and prevention is best left up to professionals as bats are mammals of an interesting kind. Since ancient times, bats have been considered signs of death, disease, and vampires. Activity in bat populations also become more apparent to people as the day's light shortens. So, no wonder these nocturnal and highly intelligent little creatures are commonly associated with the Halloween season.


During the Middle Ages, it was believed rats had a sixth sense able to predict disaster, disease and even death. They played a crucial role in many plagues throughout history and have the ability to destroy stored products, contaminate grains and other major portions of our food supply. While bats are always beneficial to us and nature rats differ in they are disease vectors and destructive at times. It's important to remember that rats seek shelter from the winter months in homes and other structures making them a direct association to Halloween.


Spiders, throughout history and among numerous cultures have typically been associated with good luck, the creation of the world and universe, and healing. From Witches to the American Indians and back to the ancient Romans, spiders have never been depicted or associated with anything negative. ar from the truth so I ask why is it that spiders are commonly scene in decorations, horror, and anything frightening for that matter? The answer lies in the dead... what? True. During the medieval period it was thought that if someone saw a spider on Hallows Eve it was the spirit of a dead loved one watching over them.