How long before termites destroy my house?

Termite damage costs more than hurricanes, tornados, and floods combined each year! Eastern Subterranean termites are the most threatening to your home if you live in Maryland or Pennsylvania. These earth-dwellers won't hesitate to begin chomping away at any structure made of wood but, how long does it take before your home is destroyed?

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Subterranean Termites attack homes and businesses throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania but honestly do little to destroy an entire structure in a short amount of time.  They do in fact have the potential to cause some serious damage over time though. How much time you ask? It can take subterranean termites three plus years or more to cause any type of significant damage. As professionals in the industry know, it isn't so much a factor of time when compared to the kind of damage termites can do. Since termites eat away the wood from inside a structure, it can be difficult or even impossible to see the extent of the damage.

Each termite infestation is different with no way of knowing how much damage termites have or can do, which is why an inspection should be done each year. If you are unsure about termites in your home or need an inspection give Gladhill Services a call today and we can help ensure your peace of mind. 

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