The Most Frightening Fact About Bed Bugs

It's no secret Bed bugs are literally popping up everywhere lately. Increased travel, environmental conditions, and little in the way of information about preventing bed bugs is cause for concern. Below is a high quality image of a bed bug - remember it. This is an adult bed bug.


Some Bed Bug Facts

While much can be written (or said) about Bed bugs and their habits, we find our customers more confused than informed when discussing Bed bugs with them.  Honestly, there is a lot to finding, living with, and eliminating bed bugs in most situations. Bed bugs will hide in a wall or along the seam of a mattress or boxspring. They can deposit 500 eggs over a lifetime. Bed bugs will come out from hiding in the middle of the night and feed on your blood. But, the most frightening fact about a bed bug is that once impregnated, a female will go into hiding for almost a year all to emerge long after your treatments are complete. Now what? Thats right, bed bug populations you already paid to eliminate are growing once again. Now, it's a year later!

Choosing The Right Option

Heat treatments and the popular one-time bed bug services should not be considered when seeking out professional companies to eliminate major bed bug infestations from your home. Sure, these types of services work in specific situations such as finding a single bed bug upon inspection or, when a infestation established itself only a few days earlier, and / or, when there is little doubt bed bugs are isolated to a single room. You have more options out there and spending the time getting informed about your choices is of utmost importance! There is an option right for you and your specific situation. Truth is most people don't realize they even have a problem with bed bugs to begin with. Once bed bugs are found it's usually too late, so to speak so, hiring a professional is your best chance for elimination.

Gladhill Services understands the difference and what it takes to eliminate mild to severe bed bug infestations. Each home is dealt with situationally because there is nothing routine about eliminating bed bugs from a home.